AGRO-META COIN (Pride Lands Dynasty PLD) is Africa’s First and Biggest Agricultural Metaverse Project launched on Binance Smartchain network(BEP-20) which is created to bridge the gap between Blockchain, Agriculture and Industrialization. Also improving Africa’s Agro-Tech ecosystem and infrastructural developments to building a better Africa.

Our Vision

We are committed to enhancing African agricultural space to it's full glory, bridge hunger gaps, tackle extreme poverty and become major quality food exporters in the nearest future.


Our team are currently working at creating a new opportunity to be explored by everyone in the metaverse, do not be left out

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NFT Marketplace

We are also launching a new marketplace in the crypto space to be explored by everyone in the crypto space

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Maximum supply of our token is 100,000,000,000 and will be properly distributed with all transparency

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These are what it means to buy into Agro-Meta projects

Buying into the unlimited wealth in Africa's Agro Sector.
It is being part of a project that creates thousands of job across Africa and beyond.
Contributing to growing quality, healthy and affordable food for the African market.
Being part of the solution to food insecurity in Africa and across the Globe.
Beyond Agriculture, with the new opportunities evolving in the Metaverse space, $AMC is building one of the biggest agricultural projects in Metaverse, Games, NFTMarket place, Hybrid Crypto Exchange, AMC Lab, Talent Hub etc.
$AMC is a full-scale Blockchain base multi-utility Coin strongly built on BinanceSmartchain network BEP-20 with sustainability in mind.
At Agro-Meta technologies we pride ourselves to be the gateway for Blockchaininnovation in Africa by bridging the gap between the tech-savvy and non-tech-savvygeneration using our "People's Unique Needs"(PUN) Strategy.

The Agro Meta Tokenomics

Maximum Supply:


40%- Would be Burning

14% - Lock and Reserve

10% - Developers and founders

10% - Liquidity

12% - Pre-sales

4% - Business Development

7% - Marketing

2% - Advisors.

1% - Airdrop.


50% - Utility Agriculture

45% - Nft marketplace

5% - AMC Lab.

30% - AMC exchange

45% - Metaverse Agriculture
and gaming

Token Utility

Agro Meta Coin is a multi Utility coin

Our real-life Agro activities and partnership will boost our coin utility, all the farms and other Agro companies we partner with will help to increase our coin utility and value. This would also be because Shortly Agro-Meta Coin holders can enjoy VIP treatment and discount in most of our partner's outlets; and holders that stake their $AMC for a longer period will enjoy more of these privileges. They will also have the privilege to pay for goods and services in some of our partner's business outlets using Agro-Meta Coin and would benefit from percentage pool share this would boost the usability and value of the token.

We are Launching $AMC NFT Marketplace that is dynamic and allows users access the lucrative NFT market, $AMC would be used to Mint NFTs on $AMC Marketplace and NFTs would be sold on same platform as $AMC, this would add great value to the token as more users engage tokens for NFT Minting and trades.

$AMC Metaverse is certainly one of the most sophisticated Meatverse projects in the world as it allows users access to purchase Virtual lands, Agro-Meta virtual and efarm, play Agro-Meta e-game, Agro-Meta earth 2.0 and Agro-Meta e-store, this would undoubtedly drive a lot of value to the token.

$AMC Staking projects where holders and users stake their tokens to earn more from $AMC locked and reserve pool and partake on project pool share, this would reduce circulating supply as users would lock their holdings for 6 months to 5 years, this would therefore increase the value due to token scarcity

$AMC Cryptocurrency Exchange is a hybrid exchange with a lot of functionality and super-friendly users interface thereby accommodating more users on platform to buy, sell, stake, swap $AMC and other valuable Cryptocurrency assets.

$AMC Talent Hub One of the greatest asset of African Continent is it’s young and vibrant population, at AMC Talent Hub we are dedicated to nurturing these young population by sharpening their skills through intensive training, equipping them with world class relevant skills and also using our platforms and partnerships to give them access to the broad market.

$AMC Lab is a One-Stop-Shop for Blockchain developers, incubation center for Tech inclined youths and a launch pad for future innovations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer to some FAQs about the Africa’s Metaverse Project

What is the full meaning of AMC?

  • Agro-Meta Coin

What is the full meaning of PLD?

  • Pride Land’s Dynasty

What is the Agro Meta Coin?

  • AMC is Africa’s First Agricultural and Metaverse Project, which runs an NFT market place, Staking projects and Crypto Currency Exchange

How to buy Agro Meta Coin?

  • Through AMC official website with USDT(Trc20), LTC, TRX, BTC
  • After Presale: Fund your DEX wallet (trust wallet) with BNB Smart Chain coin to purchase via pancake swap (kindly click the link below to learn how to use pancakeswap)

How to set up Agro Meta Coin on you DEX wallet?

  • Go to token search on your DEX (trust wallet)
  • Type “add” and click on add custom token
  • Change network to smart chain
  • Paste contract address gotten only from official website
  • All other information will pop up, click on add token.

Available Listing

AMC will soon be listed on these and other platforms


AMC Contract Address

Network: Binance smart chain. Main net